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Guud is the only social impact management and insights product that helps Mobile Service Providers, Governments and NGO's to effectively deliver mobile healthcare, education and administrative services.

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People managing and collaborating for social impact delivery

Manage vehicles, collaborate and measure impact

Tools for operational collaboration and performance insights. Guud’s tools make co-ordinating and collaborating easy, helping to deliver on mobile social impact projects from start to finish.

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Insights to understand project impact

Guud provides insights to measure and improve project impact. Get insights with project performance dashboards, live heatmaps, social media feeds and vehicle tracking.

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Collaboration with teams

Team collaboration to get things done

Teams are at their best when they collaborate. Guud offers a space to manage tasks, collaborate with team members and make sure any project makes an impact.

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Front bus

Management of mobiles

Proactive scheduling of vehicles for the day or even week will ensure projects stay on track and staff informed.

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Location pin on road - manage vehicles

Plan routes

Knowing where to go is important, with integrated Google maps, route planning is made simple. Guud makes sure teams get where they need to be on time.

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Vehicle management icon

Vehicle management

Human Resources for vehicles, we have it covered. Guud monitors vehicle compliance from tracking insurance, vehicle licensing and fines.

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Driver web app

A well managed team is an effective team. Guud notifies drivers of upcoming schedules, provides a platform to capture trips and petrol slips. Get insights from in the field with integration into the collaboration tools.

Networking among users

Driver pool management

Matching the right Driver to your solution is important. Guud helps to rotate staff, monitor availability and ensure the correct skill level of driver is available.

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